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All of my prints are created using the finest materials and inks available. These prints are generated to museum-grade standards for quality and are guaranteed to last for your lifetime. For a full rundown on my pricing and the quality of materials I use in the creation of my prints, click on the highlighted link. Thank you!

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I am primarily a macro photographer, but I enjoy all forms of nature photography. I thank you for clicking on my website and I hope you enjoy yourself as you browse through these images. If you see a particular photograph that really catches your fancy to where you'd like to own it, just click on the Paypal button and I will send it to you within 24 hours of your order :)

Please keep in mind that I have hundreds of images not featured on this website, so if you have a sincere interest in obtaining a Fine Art Image of a particular kind of animal, flower, or landscape shot--but you don't see it here--please email me with your desire and I will either have it available already, or make it my business to get it for you.

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